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Trump lawyer Jay Sekulow's odd impeachment rant about 'lawyer lawsuits' may stem from a misheard phrase
Trump lawyer Jay Sekulow's odd impeachment rant about 'lawyer lawsuits' may stem from a misheard phraseDuring debate Tuesday evening over the rules of President Trump's impeachment trial, Trump's personal lawyer Jay Sekulow had a confusing rant about the Democratic House impeachment managers and "lawyer lawsuits.""And by the way ' lawyer lawsuits'" Sekulow asked. "Lawyer lawsuits' We're talking about the impeachment of a president of the United States, duly elected, and the members ' the managers are complaining about lawyer lawsuits' The Constitution allows lawyer lawsuits. It's disrespecting the Constitution of the United States to even say that in this chamber ' lawyer lawsuits." He was met with blank looks from the impeachment managers, and lead manager Rep. Adam Schiff (D-Calif.), in his rebuttal, said he had no idea what Sekulow was talking about.Schiff wasn't the only one confused, but Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse (D-R.I.) and other observers suggested that Sekulow had just misheard House impeachment manager Val Demings (D-Fla.) discussing FOIA lawsuits a few minutes earlier. Trump's layers suggest that "this House should have sought these materials in court, or awaited further lawsuits under the Freedom of Information Act, a.k.a. FOIA lawsuits," she said. "Any such suggestion is meritless."Despite the simple elegance of this explanation, the White House said no, "lawyer lawsuits" are a thing and Sekulow meant what he said.> Ueland came back to the press pen and said Sekulow did not mistakenly refer to a phrase from Rep. Val Demings, an impeachment manager. > > 'When you read the transcript it says 'lawyer lawsuit,'' he said> > ' Igor Bobic (@igorbobic) January 22, 2020"It might seem like a small point in the grand scheme of things, even if you set aside Sekulow's demonstrative and indignant response to something that doesn't appear to have actually been said," Aaron Blake writes at The Washington Post. "But if anything, the White House's remarkable double-down would seem to speak volumes about its strategy here ' and its devotion to the facts."More stories from Cory Booker used his cubby at the impeachment trial for an incredibly corny joke Trump says he'd 'love' to show up at his Senate impeachment trial and 'stare in their corrupt faces' U.S. officials were reportedly frustrated by Kenyan security forces after clash with al-Shabab that killed 3 Americans

Trump is struggling to convince even his own base that they shouldn't hear new evidence in his impeachment trial
Trump is struggling to convince even his own base that they shouldn't hear new evidence in his impeachment trial48% of Republican voters are in favor of hearing new witnesses to testify during Trump's impeachment trial in the Senate, despite his opposition.

Tucker Carlson issues ominous 2020 warning to Trump and all Republicans
Tucker Carlson issues ominous 2020 warning to Trump and all RepublicansFox News personality Tucker Carlson is warning President Trump and other Republican candidates running this year that they shouldn't assume they're going to win just because the economy is booming. Beneath the surface, he said, there are warning signs that the core demographic that helped Trump win in 2016 isn't benefitting.
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Joe Biden's Apology
In the #MeToo era, any behavior that makes any woman uncomfortable can be disqualifying for a politician.

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The Abby Johnson Story
One day, about a decade ago, a Planned Parenthood abortion clinic director saw something at her own clinic---and it made her instantly pro-life.

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Senate Considering Blowing Up the Remainder of Its Rules
It would be a mistake to shoot ourselves in the head because of a fear that someone else may eventually do it for us.

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